Edinburgh Fringe Excludes LGBT

Photograph: David Monteith Hodge

The recent trend in high profile arts events refusing entry to LGBT acts continues, with Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival 2018 making the controversial decision to ban LGBT performers. As The Tribune is launching its own art house retro-sci-fi movie at this year’s festival, we stepped-in to understand why such a liberal-leaning event would do this, speaking with Colonel Lesley “Jackhammer” McJackson (retired), Chief Safety Officer for the festival’s contract security services:

It’s unfortunate we had to do this; The Fringe prides itself on being inclusive and open but, from a safety perspective we could not vet the appearance of the Lithuanian Grenade Bowling Troupe at the event. They have an abysmal safety record and allowing them to perform in the crowded, open-air environment of the festival would have only led to unnecessary injury.

We can’t argue with that! A safe event where everyone can enjoy screenings of future classics like La Domination des Lave-Vaisselles trumps political correctness every time!