The Lay School of Princeton Accepting Students from 2021

Are you currently in kindergarten or elementary school showing no particular academic prowess despite your parents’ best efforts? Do you read The Turunn Tribune regularly? Are you interested in having one one of the jobs of the future as determined by a recent HBR survey? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes’, “I don’t know” or “no” then we encourage you to apply for the prestigious Lay School of Princeton. The Lay School will be a highly competitive, elite establishment as are all schools that have a name that begins with “The” and ends with “Princeton”. The difference being that this one this one isn’t a pretentious over-rated money-drain; it is designed to give students the world’s best education in nothing-in-particular (NIP), preparing them for a high-profile career in in the much sought-after field of laypersonery. Don’t follow the pack and spend your time studying hard to get to the Ivy league and then waste your life on Wall Street! Make a difference as a fully-qualified lay professional with NIP5 level or above from The Lay School.

Parents — if you would like to help The Lay School in its mission please consider donating to our Gofundme page.