Stars Herald-In New Era of Designer Micropets

K-Pop Stars BTS Play With Their Lively Ant-Ticks

Some form of pet is de rigeur for any aspiring star, starlet or wannabe member of the elite social circle. It is no longer acceptable to just sport eye-catching fashion; today’s top talent needs to have their loving, lovable pet ensconced somewhere for the media’s eye. The designer dog, the go-to accessory for many celebrities, is becoming passé, not so glamorous when the poop sack hits the red carpet. The latest must-be-seen-with is the designer micropet, the miniature version of the Cockerpoo, Basador and Goldendoodle. Micropets are crosses of different insects to produce the cute bug version of the Puggle. Popular breeds are the cuddly Flyflea, the mischievous Tickquito and the lively Antroach. Like their dog equivalents they are extremely intelligent and are easily trained to perform tricks on-demand, such as “play dead”, “shake antennae” and “open mandible”.

Cynics are claiming that although the designer bugs are in the top 10 most intelligent insects, their keepers, like those of designer dogs, are by definition far from the top 10 most intelligent owners. In spite of such criticism we expect the trend to continue and are planning to capitalize on the abundant insect life in The Tribune’s office complex to create new and wonderful additions to the range.