Cannibals Eat Into Vegan Market

With the opening of New York’s first cannibal restaurant, the food world continues its cultural shift towards the natural, the raw, the ancient and the non-processed. The latest addition to this trend is Hannibal’s NYC, the world’s first cannibal eatery, offering tapas, a la carte and a Sunday carvery on New York’s fashionable Park Avenue.

The restaurant’s slick advertising—borrowing from Chick Fil A, displaying cartoon chickens graffiti-painting signs with slogans such as “humun taysts betur” and “Eat peeple!”—is attracting enormous interest in the foodie Mecca of New York. The New York Times in its weekend “Restaurants for Rich White People” section accorded the new venture a glowing review:

Just as we’re all getting tired of the plant-based, non-corporate options, Hannibal’s surprises us with a better alternative for those who want to escape everything processed. Authenticity is paramount for Chef Jean-Louis Duvalier; his inspired take on Shepherd’s Pie using locally-sourced New York state ingredients is an instant classic!

Interest from President Trump and his family is helping boost popularity; the first family have enjoyed the Mexican and Chinese menus and are helping Chef Duvalier obtain fresh ingredients for their South American specialties.