Grassroots Support for Bush 2020 Presidential Run

The possiblility of a new era in the Bush presidential dynasty edged closer to reality this week as top Republicans endorsed the idea of a 2020 challenge for party leadership in the event that Trump is toppled by his numerous legal woes. A GOP spokesman told The Tribune:

We have to bring back statesmanship, diplomacy, tact and bipartisan collaboration to re-light the flame of America as the beacon of hope for the world. A Bush presidency would bring a new calm to the hotbed of national and international politics, and demonstrate our continued diversity in choice of national leaders

The Turunn Tribune would fully support such a campaign and hope our readership will join us. George H.W. Bush has all the qualities needed for the leader of the free world: a good listener, no manic Twitter outbursts, a zen-like calm and imposing stately presence. He would be more than a match for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, with a nonreactive approach that would be difficult to out-maneuver. The US government would finally be able to take action on issues that matter rather spend their time quagmired in the petty political and legal infighting favored by the current leadership.

Special adaptations to the White House and presidential vehicles are already being planned to accommodate the incoming president and First Lady.