Moon Mysteriously Disappears From Western Skies

Astronomers are increasingly concerned about the non-appearance of the moon over the western world’s nighttime skies. Usually at this time of year the full moon is clearly visible, however for two nights in a row our satellite planet has been conspicuous by its absence. NASA scientists are searching for a reason for this sudden disappearance but cannot fathom the mystery. According to NASA:

This is the stuff of pure science fiction. It’s almost as if a technologically advanced, hostile, civilization had landed on the moon and claimed it for themselves, pulling it off orbit to a position where they could more easily exploit its resources without us being able to track their activities.

NASA also commented that they had noticed a deterioration in the lunar air quality index prior to the disappearance, almost as if some lunar factory had started to pollute its atmosphere. The Turunn Tribune’s renowned Science Editor Stig Bangan-Ulloffsen has analyzed some of the data on the disappearance and noted that the moon is still visible over Asia, most notably in China. We contacted a Chinese space colonization agency official in Beijing who told the Tribune

There is no reason to worry. It is normal at this time of year that the planet 嫦娥 is not visible to the West, but remains in the South China space zone.

Some reassurance at least that the West should not waste time worrying about the moon and continue to concentrate on its immediate strategic priorities, building walls and negotiating Brexit.