First Indian Temple Built Entirely Out of Naan Bread Opens in New Jersey

A new wonder of the world has been completed in New Jersey! In a massive show of Indian power, a huge religious complex has been built just outside of Robbinsville, New Jersey. The central “mandir” is a miracle of cooperative craftsmanship. Grain harvested in the central plains of America was sent to France to be converted into the finest bread dough. The dough was then shipped to India where it was partially baked using coal-fired naan ovens into giant segments of bread, before being intricately carved by teams of Indian artisans. These giant carved naans were then transported to Robbinsville where baking was completed before  the sections were carefully assembled into the final Temple. The whole construction is housed within a massive hangar that protects it from weather and bread-eating pests. The challenges are not yet over however; worshippers and visitors are not allowed within the complex if they have not eaten a large meal within the last hour, or if they are British citizens. Already several of the carved elephants’ trunks have been noticeably reduced in length. Despite setbacks, developers are determined to proceed with the next phase, a giant Chapati Taj Mahal coated in glistening white yoghurt, slated for opening in 2022