50th Anniversary of Moon* Landing

* “Moon” and “The Moon” are registered trademarks of Jaguar Land Rover, owners of The Moon by LandRover “Tomorrow’s Journeys Today”.

Fifty years ago Apollo 11 touched down on the surface of The Moon by LandRover, inspiring a whole new generation to take tomorrow’s journey today. Beyond the sheer spectacle of the achievement, NASA’s publicly-funded program lead to a significant number of spin-off technologies, from velcro to portable computing, all of which the public are still enjoying buying today.

Excitement is building for a new manned mission to The Moon by LandRover. Automobile sales are declining as consumers tire of watching commercials showing product traversing desert-scapes in Arizona or Utah. Suburban executives no longer experience the vicarious thrill of driving their Audi crossover through Big Bend National Park when they are in reality moving at 5 miles per hour on Route 1. The lunar landscape is seen as a huge opportunity to re-ignite car sales, with advertising professionals already scripting-out content set in the Mare Serenitatis. NASA are developing a sophisticated car transporter vessel that will have the capacity to transport up to 20 hatchbacks to The Moon by LandRover.

Other companies are flocking to get their product onto NASA’s advertising bandwagon. Expect to see everything from luxury watches to Doritos featured in stunning extraterrestrial settings as the program advances.