The Turunn Tribune’s 2020 Vision

Here at The Tribune we have a good instinct for cliches, propaganda, tired corporate-speak and populist jargon, being a global leader in all these sectors. Our “2020 Vision” is that the phrase “2020 Vision” will soon be ubiquitous, employed by innumerable marketing executives, media companies, corporate communications and HR teams, politicians and news anchors worldwide. We have however successfully received trademark status for “2020 Vision”, having taken the unprecedented step of applying for the trademark back in 2016.

We would like to extend the offer of using the phrase to any person or group sufficiently unimaginative or hackneyed to want to use this as a slogan. Our rates are extremely competitive, starting from 300,000 Swedish Krona per week. We also implore our readers to inform us immediately of any trademark violation by sending an email to: