USA’s Unprecedented Rise in Orange Cars Confounds Psychologists

There are now more orange cars on the USA’s roads that at any point in the country’s history. Social psychologists are trying to pinpoint the causative factors for this troubling phenomenon.

No mentally healthy person would buy an orange car, unless there is an underlying social cause

According to Dr. Amy Madenough, head of Johns Hopkins Department of Automobile Psychology, normal humans would never consider owning an orange vehicle

It’s biologically abnormal; orange is the color of all manner of predatory species—lions, hyenas, moose—as well as venomous insects and snakes

Even without professional analysis, laymen can recognize that something has to be seriously wrong for people to want to drive around cloaked in bright orange. Whole neighborhoods are orangifying thanks to the automobile industry’s exploitation of the trend, with Jeep, Subaru and Nissan pivoting production to keep up with demand.

While professionals tease out trends that could be to blame, The Turunn Tribune’s opinion is that the ubiquitous and omnipresent image of President Trump’s bizarre locks is causing a deep rooted social psychopathy. We are monitoring car color trends in the UK to see if there will be a similar Boris Johnson effect.