UK Queen Unlikely to be Re-Elected in December

Image by minka2507 from Pixabay

Queen Elizabeth II is facing massive challenges in the run-up to the critical December 12th election in Great Britain. Her narrow majority is likely to be obliterated by the recent furore concerning Prince Andrew and his links to Jeffrey Epstein. Further, the popularity of the Netflix Special “The Crown”–depicting some of the less savory details of royal life–is taking its toll on the royal margin. A noted “Royal Watcher” gave her opinion to The Tribune:

Britain has a long tradition of democracy, refusing to let entitled minorities and non-elected quangos drain public funds on non-productive posturing and outdated luxury pastimes. Although the Queen has long enjoyed a majority, the next election will be her biggest test to date, one that she cannot afford to lose…

Indeed, if she loses the election the Queen will become simply Mrs. Windsor and will be obliged to move to local council-supplied housing in Wolverhampton, quite a change from the palatial lifestyle she has enjoyed. A loss also raises the specter of black or muslim royalty, which may further polarize a divided people as the country prepares for its controversial break with Europe.