New York City Reverses Testing Policy

Signaling a radical change in direction, NYC’s new mayor Eric Adams has taken a pragmatic new approach to testing.

If you believe that you have NOT been exposed to Covid and are likely to NOT have the virus we would like you to get tested as soon as possible

Eric Adams 16 Jan 2022

Although the idea of testing to find people who are negative sounds surprising, it does have its backers in the CDC and State Health Department. Their logic is that, as the majority of New Yorkers are Covid positive, it is more efficient and cost-effective to identify those who are truly virus-free. The city’s Covid positive rate is then calculated by subtracting the number of negatives from the total population, giving a cheaper and more accurate estimate. Also, the risk of transmission in testing centers is vastly reduced as the majority of clients will be negative, reducing the toll on healthcare workers.

A bright start for the new mayor! The Turunn Tribune has obtained leaked plans for phase 2 of the plan where hospitals are used to isolate healthy people allowing all the infected citizens to get back to work safely and stemming the tide of infected hospital staff.