FBI Find Coat Factory in Burlington

After months of painstaking intelligence involving the FBI’s top minds, agents today located and raided a fully operational coat factory in Burlington New Jersey. The scale of the operation was unprecedented, employing the agency’s full technological arsenal. Disturbingly, the factory was situated a stone’s throw away from the Burlington Township Middle School.

Domestic law enforcement have long suspected the presence of a coat factory in Burlington after clues were noticed in many of the US’s major cities, and employees of said factory began to talk more openly about its existence. The chilling discovery of domestic coat assembly was then uncovered using tactics borrowed from the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2014. Surveillance continued for months but conclusive evidence could not be obtained until undercover FBI operatives posing as Chinese button manufacturers infiltrated the covert coat compound. Even then, a decision from President Biden was needed to allow the highly sensitive raid to begin.

President Biden is lauding the success of the raid as an example of the increased cooperation between law enforcement under his leadership.