Sharp Rise in FroYo Churches

Stig Jarllsberg reporting from Melbourne The Australian Catholic Church is particularly worried about the decline in “butts on pews”, a statistic that has been measured in more prosaic ways by NCLS Research and other Australian […]

Crime and Terrorism

Record Unemployment Among Burglars

Stig Joorgen continues our special season on global crime leading up to Sweden’s Hurring Festtivalle (Herring Festival) As there has been no crime in Sweden since its abolition under the 1645 Hoogerslechhen–a medieval Swedish law that […]

Crime and Terrorism

Exploring The Dark Web App Store

As we approach Sweden’s Herring Festival, TTT’s reportage on global crime continues today with a voyage to the Dark Web. This is a menacing area of the internet that deals in the things we do […]

Crime and Terrorism

Isis operations in Syria suspended due to Toyota recall

ISIS operations in Syria have been temporarily suspended due to the Toyota recall impacting their 2010-2015 Land Cruisers, their Levant operations coordinator confirmed to TTT recently. Because of the volume of Toyotas deployed by ISIS in Syria the Damascus […]