The Turunn Tribune’s 2020 Vision

Here at The Tribune we have a good instinct for cliches, propaganda, tired corporate-speak and populist jargon, being a global leader in all these sectors. Our “2020 Vision” is that the phrase “2020 Vision” will […]

Film & Entertainment

50th Anniversary of Moon* Landing

* “Moon” and “The Moon” are registered trademarks of Jaguar Land Rover, owners of The Moon by LandRover “Tomorrow’s Journeys Today”. Fifty years ago Apollo 11 touched down on the surface of The Moon by […]

Crime and Terrorism

China Unleashes Operation Teriyaki Boy

China has taken a radical new step in the trade war, leaving Americans defenseless—under attack in their own homes and workplaces. According to the CIA’s Department of Food Terrorism it’s already too late to stop the […]


Make Teleconferences Fun Again!

The Turunn Tribune, in association with HBR, continues to help leaders and executives deal with the high-stress corporate world. To diffuse some of the boredom and angst experienced on today’s never-ending teleconferences we are launching […]