Tour de Beardstein

Summer is here, Scandinavia moves from permafrost to permasun, and Swedes everywhere enjoy traditional pastimes of hunting drunk Norwegian itinerants in pine forests with crossbows and cycling through tundra to look for thawed squirrels. To celebrate this outdoor […]


Smell Like A Man with Scrottfroght’s!

Stay Fresh! Stay Herring Fresh! Scrottfroght’s Hürring Sprie combines ethically compressed herring-liver oils with the tang of saltwater and fish urine decanted from the fish bins. It’s a natural freshness you can trust! Scrottfroght’s are proud […]

Evil Switzerland

IKEA Mein Kampf

In a particularly shocking story for “Evil Switzerland”, reporter Stig Holfjord reveals how Swederland’s iconic brand IKEA used Nazi technology for their own ends. In initial designs for the store, founder Ingvar Kamprad was looking for […]


Swedish for Schrootnenfluughers!

The Tribune feels duty-bound to expose more of our fascinating Swedish culture to the rest of the world. Appreciation of all things Swedish requires a rudimentary understanding of our magnificent language. Here we will begin […]