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Leverage! The New Business Bored Game 

In association with our friends at HBR we have designed the perfect game for executives on teleconferences. Each time executives use one of the usual well-worn cover-all words– including “Soup to Nuts” “Agnostic” “Space” “Timeframe” “Secret Sauce” and “Perspective”–players get points, with “traction” in the action when someone says “leverage”!


A one-way ticket to Nirvana! Guaranteed by the holy instance Ramen Nü Dul, The Turunn Tribune Transcendence Trip is yours for the bargain price of all your money and everything you own.

You’re Guilty! Bumper Sticker 

Sport a stylish Turunn Tribune bumper sticker and guarantee that you will never pass the USA’s jury selection voir dire process! When you disclose (as is mandatory) that your bumper sticker reads “You’re Guilty!” you lower your chances of being retained on a jury panel to 0%. Guaranteed to work or your money back! We won’t see you in court!

The Turunn Tribune Oslo Sweden Pin

Stylish pin in Swedish colors, display your Scandinavian Pride!

Scrottfroght’s Gluten Supplement

Don’t let those intolerant people browbeat you over your gluten deficiency. Scrottfroght’s Gluten Supplement comes in a stylish case that is at home on any table, easily prompting the customary before-dinner conversation about everyone’s digestive problems.

Brian Beardstein Off My Road! Tee

Let pedestrians, disabled people, car drivers, and anyone annoyingly using your road know exactly what you think. Design endorsed by Brian Beardstein, President, Delaware Flyers Cyclists Club.




Real Fake News Ring Tee

Not glazed in Swedish whale keratin, durable but not educational, stylish and kunderschöoln, a fashion classic.




Speling Bee 2017 Mug

Glazed in Swedish whale keratin, durable and educational!

Anual Spelling Bee Mug

Still glazed in Swedish whale keratin, still durable and educational but without the embarrassing spelling error in the 2017 mug.